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Ttech Auto oil change service
Ttech Auto oil change service

Motor oil is the life-blood of your engine—it lubricates all moving parts, inhibits corrosion, cleans, and even cools the engine by minimizing friction. Without oil, all of the moving surfaces within the engine would grind together. The resulting friction wastes power by converting otherwise useful energy into heat and causes premature wear on internal engine components. Both the friction and the prematurely worn parts cause an increase in fuel consumption and a decrease in power output. Motor oil solves both of these problems by creating a separating film between contiguous moving parts within the engine. It also provides them with a protective layer against rust and corrosion. Overtime, however, engine oil will become contaminated by dust, metallic shavings, moisture, and even antifreeze. In addition, the additives in the oil will eventually break down and can also become a contaminant. To protect your engine from contaminated or low oil, T-Tech Auto recommends having it changed every 3,000 miles or 3 months, unless otherwise specified by the owner’s manual. Don’t know how to change your oil? No problem! T-Tech Auto has expert technicians and a state of the art service center ready to do it for you. Come by our service and repair center, located in San Diego, CA, today for your oil change!

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